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  1. krw510

    krw510 New Member

    Hey there -

    I recently switched from an iPhone 3gs to a Motorola Droid 2 Global. When texting in the iPhone, you can scroll to the top and click "load earlier messages," or something to that effect and continue to do so until you have looked at every text you sent to a certain person.

    What I'm finding with the Droid is that I'm not able to do this. I'd like to go back and look at my earlier texts but it doesn't seem as though this is possible. Granted, I just got this phone less than a week ago, but I've been searching all through the internet and all around the phone and can't seem to find a solution to this.

    Does anyone else have this problem or know what it is I'm missing?


  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums.

    Are you missing texts from when you started using the phone?

    There might be a setting on how many texts to keep.
  3. krw510

    krw510 New Member

    Yeah, I'm talking to a friend who says there is a setting to change it; I am missing texts from when I first started using and barely even know how to delete them lol. I'm just trying to find that setting now I guess
  4. krw510

    krw510 New Member

    I found the setting that has how many lines per conversation, but it caps off at 1000. I would just like for it to be unlimited.
  5. RJT185

    RJT185 VIP Member VIP Member

    Check with the developers of CM, Fission, Fusion, Liberty and see if their ROMS have the 1,000 limit. If they dont that's your best bet. Seems like stock is stuck at 1000.

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