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  1. julian35961

    julian35961 Well-Known Member

    Name of app that is currently in development: AndroidDevNation

    Note: Name may change to something shorter.

    Currently looking for 2-4 developers who wouldn't mind working on an app that is aiming toward making a social hub for developers to be able to discuss new ideas and other related topics. This app is called AndroidDevNation (Social hub for developers), which is currently being developed by a few developers including me. PM me if you will be interested in joining the team to give veterans and new developers a home on the go to express their creativity.


    We are also looking for beta testers also who will be able to give us good feedback.

    Share your idea's you would like to see added in AndroidDevNation for developers. Who knows it may get added into the app if we see it to be a good idea.


    Leave us ideas below.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I have moved this thread into the Application Development forum since you are looking for some assistance from other developers with your application.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. julian35961

    julian35961 Well-Known Member

    Bump :D
  4. julian35961

    julian35961 Well-Known Member

    bump bump
  5. Sai7swathi

    Sai7swathi New Member

    Hi i am interested in this. Please reply me back. I want to know more about this app.
  6. julian35961

    julian35961 Well-Known Member

    Send you more information later on the day.
  7. julian35961

    julian35961 Well-Known Member

    Development been resumed.

    Still looking for developers.

    Volunteers atm

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