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Looking to swap s3 for nexus

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  1. tomthefear

    tomthefear Active Member

    I'm looking to swap my 1 month old perfect condition galaxy s3 for a brand new nexus.

    Think anyone would be up for that and any ideas where I might be able to do it?

    EDIT: I'm in the UK

  2. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Well, this isn't it. :D

    There's a classified section here if you think WE'RE trustworth.

    I recommend Craig's list with the swap occurring at a Verizon store where they can check if the GN is stolen/missing (bad ESN).

    OTOH, if all it takes is swapping sim cards and both work fine, maybe that's all it takes, but I would think VZ needs to update their records.
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