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"Low on Space" error messageSupport

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  1. server181

    server181 Member

    Hey guys I really need some help because this issue is driving me nuts.
    I have about 500 MB free space left on my phone, and i get a message in the notification bar that you storage is getting low.. Nothing is wring with that. What IS wrong, that as soon as that message appears, from that point it doesnt even lets me to upgrade any of my apps, even though it would only take like 5MB of space to do so..
    It feels like that Google is not letting me use the last 500-800 MB of my storage, which would be quite cheating. I mean rather let me use it up till i have 0 MB left and say that my phone has only 15 GB storage, not 16...

    Anybody knows how can I solve this?!?!

  2. AJ McKay

    AJ McKay Well-Known Member

    Get rid of some of the crap on your phone. You can't possibly need 15 gigs worth of stuff in your pocket.
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  3. RHSuzie

    RHSuzie New Member

    I'm having the same issueswith low space and text memory full how can I delete the messages and free up space. I don't have a lot of crap apps taking up space either.I use them all.
  4. server181

    server181 Member

    i use them all too, i continously delete stuff i dont need from every directory...

    some other phones are 32gb or 64gb.. dont judge, because you dont know what i need space for, it is just annoying that i cant use all the space i have, period.
  5. jpwjpw

    jpwjpw New Member

    "You can't possibly need 15 gigs worth of stuff in your pocket."

    Rubbish. Very easy to fill it with music, apps etc....

    It is bizarre that you can't use the last 500mb of the memory, I understand that it needs some space free, but that is a good amount. Once it reaches this, all your email etc stops syncing (and doesn't notify you that this has happened!).
  6. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    this is the first i have heard of anyone having low space issues. Do you have a ton of music on it? or videos? The fact that you can't use the last 500mb actually makes total sense to me.
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  7. server181

    server181 Member

    well at least it lets me still take pictures videos, messages and emails, BUT what it doesnt let me to do is to install apps or update apps. even though the app would be only like 2-3 MB, it just says not enough space..
  8. Vimelend

    Vimelend New Member

    I had the same problem. I went to notifications on top of phone ( where the low on space message and the red sd card is shown) dragged it down and pressed it. It opened a window to let me erase some applications. I went to browser icon and pressed clear data and this solved my problem. I had 112 mb of data on my browser. Dont erase the browser icon or uninstall it. After I did this the low on space message dissapeared. I hope it works for all of you with the same problem.
  9. jpwjpw

    jpwjpw New Member

    It amazes me that people make the effort to post rubbish :) Why don't I just delete all my data and not use the phone?

    It's weird that it reserves 500mb that can't be used. Does anyone actually know why this is?

    It wasn't the case with my HTC desire on 2.1/2.2.
  10. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    Probably, because THIS phone doesn't have the OS space and user DATA space separate.

    unlike your desire which had 512 or 1024 reserved for the OS/APPS, the GN doesn't have that silly restriction, but it STILL needs space for the OS to operate in so 500mg is reserved so you can't be that "guy" who runs their phone out of space to the point where the OS locks up.
  11. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled VIP Member

    I don't know anything but I can speculate. Google probably starts the warning notification when you get to the point where temporary files and caches might be impacted if you fill the phone further.

    It seems to me like there is little choice other than to prioritize what is on the phone and get rid of the things which would be missed the least or offload some media onto a cloud service. With no SD card, what other option could there be?
  12. vandyman

    vandyman Well-Known Member

    Upload your music to Google Music and steam it.
  13. GrenW

    GrenW Well-Known Member

    Unless you're in one of the one or two (hundred) countries outside of the USA... or if you haven't got an unlimited data plan.... or if you're 3g connection is crap.

    Unfortunately there's a long way to go before Google Music is an option for many of us. Pity really

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