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  1. trayack

    trayack Active Member

    So I just switched from a Blackberry over to the I1 last week. Since the switch I have had nothing but problems with texting on this phone.

    The issue is I will not recieve texts or emails for hours at a time. When I turn the phone off, then back on they all come through. I have a delivery confermation set on my texting and it showed that what I send is delivered, I just don't recieve the repley's. It seems to be particularly bad during the evening and night time hours....which is when I need it most as I work the night shift on my local PD.

    Nextel/Sprint hasn't been able to help at all with this, and I am honestly at my whit's end with this thing. I am about to switch back to the Blackberry, which I can't stand either....but at least it works.:mad:

  2. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    Okay what your problem is from what I can tell is the messages are lagging in the MMS server.(this happened to me)
    What I suggest is sending yourself a text message from your phone.
    This will force its way through the MMS mail server and in turn push any other messages through be it text or e-mail notifications.
    Should only have to do this once and messages should work fine, but if you think they are lagging again just simply text yourself.

    hope this helps.
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  3. trayack

    trayack Active Member

    Thanks, I'll give that a shot... Any idea why they would be hanging up in the server like that?

    I have also noticed that I am having trouble getting pics from people with just shows up as a blank text.
  4. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    The reason I have heard is because the motorola i1 only ultilizes MMS and since its iDEN it can only handle one type of data coming in or going out at a time.
    so if your making a call, text will not come in until you hang up. Same if you are sending them while talking on phone they will not send until you hang up.

    works the same way if you using the PTT feature.

    I also hear if you have your gmail or POP3 mail server checking for new mail ever minute or two(this can be changed in actual mail setting when you go into mail app)
    it messes with the messaging system. hopefully it will be solved with the supposed enabling of true SMS in October or when they do the bug fix update in November. (Even then phones that are being used wont have true SMS automatically)
    So yeah its basically the network not the phone I personally blame sprint not allowing iDEN phones to have SMS already. Seeing that these phones have always had the capability to use to different types of messaging systems.

    Question concerning the pics sounds weird.
    I would have them just try sending the pic with no text and see if that works.
  5. JoeysOnFire

    JoeysOnFire Member

    Iden has had true sms available for years now...i always receive sms while using the phone for voice, or data. On the other hand, you cannot use data and voice at the same time. Picture or mms problems can be from phone server settings, the network itself, or the size of the attachment. There is a limit on the attachment size of any mms going through the iden network, and if the picture is too big, it will either not let it through, or begin to allow you to download, then quit. I would suggest you first call your provider, tell them you have an mms capable phone, and have them update and/or reset your network setting on their end, then go from there.
  6. davidc2

    davidc2 New Member

    Sprint, at least for me, has always had problems with texting. I have used Spring for about 2-3 yrs on my BB (now on the new Motorola Ii for the PTT feature) and it would be hit and miss if my co-worker would recieve a text from me, or if I would get one from him.

    It was (still is), not uncommon for him to send me a text via his Iphone and I would get it, 12+ hrs later. In fact, that happened just last week.
  7. JRRacing

    JRRacing New Member

    If you switched from blackberry make sure the system knows you have i1. It may still think you have a bberry. I fought this for a week. Log into myboost or nextel and make sure you are profiled with an i1.

    The word I got was i1 can anly do 1 thing at a time (iden network anyway) . So if sending text or email the phone won't ring. I see someone up above me disagrees. They may be right but from the problems I had it seems to be an iden bottleneck.

    My evo can hotspot text and phone all at once while playing through my usb into car stereo.
  8. Androidi1

    Androidi1 New Member

    I also bought a nextel motorola i1 and I have been having trouble sending texts since February. Yesterday I searched the market for a application called textplus. With this app. I am able to text (finally) I recommend this to all i1 users who are having trouble sending texts due to the phones IMEI / unlocked stupid gimmicks. textplus is the only app that I have that allows me to send text to my contacts in my phone. I don't want to switch back to the blackberry because of the 2 megapixel camera. I think this will help the many i1 users who are having trouble sending texts. Don't fall for the feature resets, factory resets because it just resets all of your phones settings and gives you the same problem. My phone is originally from mexico and i am a boost mobile customer. They told me that they can't activate nextel phones on the boost network but finally everything works like its suppose to. The only thing that I hate about this phone is that the gps, wifi, and other games/apps will kill the battery. but TEXTPLUS is what you will need from the android market if you want to text.
  9. Androidi1

    Androidi1 New Member

    If you have an i1 (Motorola - boost-sprint-nextel) and you want to send a text you better download textplus immediately from the Market in your phones apps. it worked for me and I am sure it will work for you. The best thing about textplus is that you can also use it without creating an account and it works free just like normal texting :eek:
  10. bamagirlpowell

    bamagirlpowell New Member

    Boost, Nextel and Southern Linc are all iden networks. I have had SL for 7 years and have always been able to multi task phone lines, texting etc. The only restriction is the web, but I still send and receive SMS and MMS and I can linc and receive lincs and I can receive phone calls. You just have to have the right browser. The only thing that slows you down is receiving email and that only takes seconds. I love my phone and my network, the only problem I have is that the i1 will never update past 1.5.
  11. Munhoz

    Munhoz Member

    Never had any related problem. I've been using I1 (Nextel) here in Brazil, and never noticed anything similar.
    The bad thing is that Nextel Internet Data service is too expensive and slow.

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