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  1. banna

    banna Member

    I am using my phone to create this post, well may be that's what everyone does.
    I thought to check if we can make our phones friendly for the business applications, like:
    1. Microsoft ppt, word, excel
    2. Skype
    3. Outlook e-mail
    4. etc
    If someone has done it. It would help someone like me, if you can share the knowledge.

  2. banna

    banna Member

    Hey All,

    Not sure if its the right place to discuss Market Apps, so just giving it a try. Has anyone come across a right app for opening excel, word, pdf, jpg on the phone (downloading from yahoo mail).

    Currently all the times when i try to download files from my email, the message i get is - File can't be downloaded as the phone doesn't support any such applications.

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