Megabeats and SRS effect x8 !!!!!!!!!!!General

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    [1]Much better than beats audio and SRS!!
    [2]clear sound!
    [3]ultra clear bass!
    [4]bass is clear even if its enchanced in DSP!

    [1]copy the .zip to sd card
    [2]boot in to the recovery
    [3] install .zip from sd card and choose this zip.


    SRS effect

    Surround effect(For Stereo speaker, (headphone, bt, portable & etc...) )
    • The sound becoming detailed(Dynamic Sample rate increased, You'll feel your music becoming more details now!)
    • Background sound is heard clearly(Clarity)
    • Volume Gain! (Please be careful with your speaker sound. As it is set to global changes in your sound volume. You should lower it to 2 level from the normal volume to achives normal speaker loudness. This Volume Gain is designed for some geeks that find it useful.)

    same installation method




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