menus for sms, email, an Internet gonw after jb update?General

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  1. pwrlifting79

    pwrlifting79 Member

    Just got a hd an its got jb. I got it because of the small menus that open up when swiping up on an app. Is this feature gone on jb?

  2. shalemail

    shalemail Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hadn't noticed as I use them so rarely anyway but YES it appears they are indeed gone with the JB update.

    Multitasking key is what I always use anyway so no biggie, but it was a cool feature.
  3. jblaylock

    jblaylock Member

    I really like the quick view feature too! The odd thing is, if you go to settings, apps, and to the running menu, there is still a process running for the Quick View.

    I really think Moto missed the mark with the update. I wanted JB, but they removed everything good they had on ICS & their motoblur

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