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  1. xd40

    xd40 Member

    I have the Sprint HTC Hero and no matter what I do the Peep app opens and runs by itself! Even after killing the process!

    On another note, I took someone's advice on this form and installed Handcent SMS but I can't get the preinstalled Message app to stop running when someone sends a text message! I've gone thru the process of clearing the cache and setting Handcent as the default for messaging but something is still wrong ....

  2. When you say the preinstalled message app is running, do you mean in the background, or shows the little notification in the top task bar area?

    The first one I have no idea I'm afraid, but the second one had me chewing the phone in frustration until I re-checked the settings for the message app and switched off the notification there (menu > settings > notifications (uncheck box))
  3. xd40

    xd40 Member

    Yes, I meant popping up in the notification area at the top and running the in the background! I just unchecked the notification setting you mentioned and I'll see if that works for both!

    Thanks for the response dude!!!
  4. No worries - each Handcent sms and the inbuilt messaging service both have their own independent settings for this message notification specifically, it isn't shared like some of the other options can be. :D

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