[MetroPCS] Rooting MetroPCS S4 but running a ATT Sim

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  1. masters4

    masters4 New Member

    I am new to Android phone (coming from Iphone 4s). I bought a used Metro S4 and got the unlock code from Metro - now using the ATT sim successfully. It is running 4.3 stock rom. Now I would like to root it. I have seen various methods (honestly look a daunting task to me) but I have jailbroken iphones before.
    Can somebody let me know if I can root the phone and still use ATT Sim? Any simple installer than I can run - simple one download and then root it?.
    Somehow when I pair this phone to my car, I can listen to audio but can see the tracks that come from internet radio - any idea on it

    Thanks you - you folks are doing an awesome job helping out folks like me.

  2. Rukbat

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  3. dcap0187

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  4. danyvw

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  5. masters4

    masters4 New Member

    Thank you Folks.
    I am not sure Kingo - saw some mixed reviewed. Can some more folks comment on it. It does not say anything about what version of Android is needed etc
    Cyanogenmod is good but they do not have anything for MetroPCS- only for T-mobile ROM.
    Should I just flash to T-mobile ROM and then use CM.
    Again I am completely new to it...so pardon me.
  6. danyvw

    danyvw Well-Known Member

    Any ROM from T-Mobile and almost anything from the I9505 will work but be careful with Kernels not all of them work. As far as I know KT, Faux, Adams and AEL work on our devices.
  7. masters4

    masters4 New Member

    Thanks danyvw
    I have heard about kernel but not sure how to choose a kernel - is it a packaged within ROM?
  8. chicano

    chicano Well-Known Member

    The best and EASIEST way to root your S4 on 4.3 is by using Geohot's Towelroot...https://www.towelroot.com/

    I have my AT&T S4 (metropcs) 4.4- rooted in less than 10 seconds... just install apk on phone, start app, press make it rain...done.

    People on XDA have confirmed this works on 4.3...Geohot claims that this will work with all models.

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