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  1. Midiman

    Midiman Well-Known Member

    There's an icon for a microphone on my notification bar on my lock screen. As soon as I swipe to unlock, it goes away. I'm not rooted and running stock 4.2.2 on AT&T with MF3 firmware. Anyone know what it is? I'm somehow uncomfortable with a mic that thinks it's 'live" the entire time my phone is off... or locked. I initially suspected it might be part of some voice recognition unlock feature... but I thought I had turned every piece of idiocy off on this phone.

  2. allanlaw

    allanlaw Well-Known Member

    You have "Wake up in lock screen" enabled. Settings>My device>Lock screen>Wake up in lock screen. Delete check mark, bye bye mic icon. :)
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  3. Midiman

    Midiman Well-Known Member

    Most excellent. Thank you. So... what does "wake up in...' mode do. I unchecked it, the mic is gone... and it still "wakes up" ie: I turn it on), in lockscreen mode...
  4. allanlaw

    allanlaw Well-Known Member

    The phone will wake up if you yell secret words (user selectable) at it. :D Give it a try.
  5. jumpjack

    jumpjack Member

    I add the italian version of the solution:

    Se nella barra di stato compare l'icona di un microfono quando il cellulare è bloccato, significa che è attivo lo "sblocco vocale"; per disattivarlo:
    impostazioni -> dispositivo -> schermata di blocco -> Riattivazione con lo sbl...

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