Micro USB will not work on new phone

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  1. dachjewels

    dachjewels New Member

    This week I finally purchased an android phone, Alcatel Venture, a low cost entry phone. I am extremely frugal. My last phone was a tracfone with a micro usb charger. I have plugged this new phone into both of the chargers (auto and home) and they are not charging, Radio Shack guy told me that all usb chargers are alike. Why do the older phones chargers not work with the new phone. Old phone was an LG.

  2. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    sometimes there is a different voltage, or difference like that
    my new phone HATES my old charger but it works with the one that came with my device.
  3. creekdannywei

    creekdannywei Member

    though it is all micro usb,if it is different Voltage, the charging current, it can't be in common use.

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