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  1. superted65

    superted65 New Member

    Hi there I love the feature that allows you to sync phone book contacts with FB ones.. but my question is how do you change there profile pic? as a few friends have updated there FB pic but my phone is showing there old pic still?


  2. dunjamon

    dunjamon Well-Known Member

    It doesn't work. I've tried lots of things, but it won't update. I've removed the facebook account and installed syncmypix instead.
  3. superted65

    superted65 New Member

    Not good is it.. Found it really cleaver that it linked them.. shame they didn't think any further than that..
  4. karnka

    karnka Well-Known Member

    Moto are aware of this problem but they haven't offered any timescale for a fix.
  5. superted65

    superted65 New Member

    GOod to know that they are aware.. lets hope the introduce a fix soon not sure if i can carry on looking at the grinch as my wife FB pic.
  6. dunjamon

    dunjamon Well-Known Member

    Don't think was was ever fixed by Moto was it?

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