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  1. cristorf

    cristorf New Member

    Hello, i have recently been having some troubles with my milestone. Some of them are because of the 2.2 update, but recently, my Media player seems to me cutting parts of music files off. I can download and play music, but it starts cutting of the songs from a few seconds all the way to a few minutes. also, after deleting these files off the phone through my computer, it still shows them on the media player, so if i were to re-download the songs, i would not be able to tell which ones work and which ones do not. has anybody else had this problem or know how to fix it?
    -Cristo Fernandes

  2. lovephones

    lovephones New Member

    That's happened to me aswell, the way i deal with it though, is if i don't lock the phone the music won't cut. Which is pretty bad, but atleast you can listen to your songs.

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