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  1. Swagman

    Swagman New Member

    New owner of the Nexus 7 - (loving it) with a query. I want to transfer the jpegs on my Canon DSLR camera direct to the Nexus 7. I have the cable out from the Nexus 7 mini USB terminating in a regular USB and a cable out from Canon DSLR mini USB terminating in a regular USB so they dont join. Can I get a mini USB cable to mini USB cable anywhere that would allow me to do this and if so where on the net (unable to find one)

    I have no access to a laptop or desktop (Im travelling) so I need any help available. Thanks for any scources or advice.

  2. GreyCelt

    GreyCelt Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if you can get a cable with the mini USB on both sides, but I do know that you can get an adapter that is a double female USB so you can connect the two male ends of each cord together.

    However, the question is, will that connection allow a straight pass-through of data from your camera to your Nexus 7? Unless I am mistaken, one of the devices on either side of the cable has to act as a host and I don't think you can just hook two devices together with a cable and freely transfer data back & forth.

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the technology behind USB works that way.
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  3. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    It's not possible
  4. Nauman123

    Nauman123 Member

    I have a mini USB to USB in which I can connect my phone and transfer data through the phone and my tablet
  5. Swagman

    Swagman New Member

    Following up on this and hoping to save anyone else making the same mistake it appears the only way normally would be to use an OTG adaptor but of course the Nexus 7 doesnt work with the OTG when used with a card reader. Would have been helpful if Google could actually specify these things at launch instead of just standing in the spolight lapping up accolades from a sycophantic media. To have any chance of working with OTG the unit has to be rooted which voids any warranty and Im not techy enough to do that. Thanks Google.
  6. LordBrain515

    LordBrain515 Active Member

    Be careful that you're looking for what you really need. The Nexus 7 port is MICRO-usb, not MINI-usb (mini is about twice the thickness).

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