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MMS issues with change over to Galaxy NexusSupport

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  1. cozmicgirl

    cozmicgirl Member


    I'm new to the Android os, recently purchased a Galaxy nexus i9250 off ebay that came from singapore.. I managed to change the firmware over from Samsungs to Googles without a hitch, but even so the problem was happening before.

    What happens is that I can't send MMS or receive. I'm with Optus (Australia) and have a blackberry data plan. 3G browsing works fine at good speeds. All APN settings are correct, tried sending one to myself, still nothing.

    I rang Optus and they said that my MMS profile was saying that my bb was the registered handset, so they reset it so it could locate my Nexus, however it never registered... And in doing so my SMS stopped functioning.. They advised me that maybe I had a faulty simcard so I went and got one today and still NO MMS functionality... SMS is back to working and am a bit reluctant to call them again, as if they do try and reset the profile again I will lose SMS again..

    Any tips or tricks or ANY ideas what could be the problem here?? It seems that my handset isn't registering with my provider!!


  2. cozmicgirl

    cozmicgirl Member

    Placed the sim card back into my blackberry 9900 and can receive and send MMS fine with it..

    Something seems to be blocking the communication between my phone and my carrier to let them know what phone I'm using...
  3. cozmicgirl

    cozmicgirl Member

    Also had placed a different sim card in the Nexus that's on an iphone plan and could send/receive mms :/
  4. nefor

    nefor Member

    I'm also having MMS issues with my Nexus on Virgin Mobile (Aus) who use the Optus network. I went into the Virgin store and they spent 15min on the phone to Optus and managed to get an MMS to send but since then i've tried a few more and no luck. Using the same settings as my Desire and that was fine.
  5. wombo72

    wombo72 New Member

    I've had problems from day one with my Galaxy Nexus and sending/receiving MMS, not to mention dozen of app package that are apparently 'not valid'. Oh and did I mention the fact that facebook takes ages to load if at all. All these problems and more on the Virgin/Optus network. I have complained and the excuse I have been given is the supposed 'congestion' on the frequency the Nexus works on, which is strange because if I use the same sim card in my old reliable Samsung Icon HD, I can send/receive MMS, actually load fb and upload photos - and it operates on the same frequencies as the Nexus. Virgin have taken the phone back to see if its faulty, but I tried to tell them the problem is with the network which needs to be upgraded. Looks like I'm going back to Telstra - at least I know the network actually works.
  6. mmmw2012

    mmmw2012 New Member

    I recently bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Telus. And then I used it on Koodo mobile. I setup the APN settings and everything correctly. Internet, calling. Text messaging was working fine, but for some reason MMS picture messaging wasn't working sending or receiving, and long messages past 160 characters. it would only work on wifi only. I then figured out you need to erase the Telus APN and only keep Koodo. So if anyone else is having this problem, erase the APN your not using, and it will start to work perfectly after. if there's 2 APN's saved in the setting your MMS messages won't work, delete the one your not using. Problem solved
  7. Teaghantia

    Teaghantia New Member

    I only have one APN, The Telus one, and I am with Koodo. Can I create a Koodo one and that would work for MMS?

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