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  1. VariantVT

    VariantVT Active Member

    Anyone else having trouble sending/receiving MMS messages with Virgin Mobile lately? Seems like I haven't been able to send or receive a text with a picture for a week or so...:(

  2. totalrecarl

    totalrecarl Well-Known Member

    A few months ago I had an issue where I was completely unable to send or receive text messages. The data and voice worked just fine. I called VM customer service and they were pretty useless. It seems that if it can't be solved by a simple reboot or re-entering your MEID or MSID, they have no idea what to do. I ended up calling the American resolution team and they fixed it in a matter of minutes.
  3. jlhog

    jlhog Active Member

    Sometimes I need to reboot the phone to get a text to send on VM
  4. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Well-Known Member

    It's probably a 3g issue, as VM can only send MMS on 3g. If the usual reboot and/or airplane mode for 30 seconds doesn't work and you have a good 3g signal, I would call VM and cross your fingers :).

    Sometimes certain areas go down for a bit, or an issue with another carrier/software could be the cause too, but most of the time it's something on Virgin's end, lol.
  5. fknntzintexas

    fknntzintexas New Member

    What did American resolution team do?
  6. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have this problem sometimes. 3g works fine for web browsing and apps but mms won't send or receive. It's happened with handcent and the stock messaging app. I usually keep the stock messaging app frozen but the last time it happened I unfroze the stock messaging app and it worked again.
  7. totalrecarl

    totalrecarl Well-Known Member

    Not exactly sure what they did to fix it, all I know is that they fixed it pretty quick. They outsourced customer service was clueless and basically told me they didn't know how to fix it. I did some poking around online and found the American resolution number and they were able to fix it immediately.
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  8. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I have been unable to receive an MMS since 23 December. The last time this happened they had to reprovision my account. It is really becoming a PITA.
  9. VariantVT

    VariantVT Active Member

    Mine's been a few weeks longer than that. What is involved with reprovisioning?
  10. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Calling Vmu and them doing voodoo on your account and then telling you to reboot the device.
  11. Michiyoshi

    Michiyoshi Member

    After 6 1/2 hours on the phone with non English speaking reps and a report filed with the BBB. I FINALLY was contacted by headquarters. Another hour and a hAlf later of reprogramming and a forced RTN (SUPER RESET) which I was not prepared for and ended up losing important files, they offered to send a replacement. I also got their phone number... **DON'T DIAL *VM OR 888-322-1122** that just takes you to sprint tech support and they are ******ed ★☆★☆866-553-9807☆★☆★ After the troubleshooting and diagnosis she was able to determine that it, in fact, is the PHONE. Now I am sol cuz I didn't get the replacement plan from bestbuy this time around, but I'm gonna try anyway. My texts go in and out for a couple days at a time. VM did not agree to compensation . We shall see what happens after they see the BBB complaint. For the record folks. VM ISN'T BBB ACCREDITED. THAT SAYS IT ALL!!
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  12. jamoosh

    jamoosh Well-Known Member

    Since I started service last year, I average approximately half of MMS messages sent or received being successful. Usually, on reboot I have at least a handful of SMS send and receive, that had been apparently stuck, as well. Part of the SMS issue had to do with Handcent, I believe. I switched back to the stock messaging application, and this has helped some. For me, I had thought the MMS probably has to do with the data in my area. Where I live, I toggle back and forth from 2G to 3G pretty much constantly. There is another thread in this forum about that issue.
    I can't depend on MMS, so I just request people use email for sending pictures.

  13. riggerman0421

    riggerman0421 Well-Known Member

    Its not the network, its the Elite. This is a known issue with this phone. My wife just switched from the Elite to the Evo. She was having the same text and MMS issues, but they have all disappeared since the switch.
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  14. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    No in fact virgin mobile usa isnt BBB accredited. They dont cut the mustard when it comes to accreditation from the BBB...they pass the gas. Selling defective merchandise and giving endless run arounds to customers. Unless forced..they will never make it right for you.
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  15. jamoosh

    jamoosh Well-Known Member

    I guess you get what you pay for.
    For what it's worth, my interactions with customer service have been fairly positive--and/or on par with other cellular phone companies.

  16. bennyhinn

    bennyhinn Active Member

    Yup. It's definitely the phone. I had the Optimus V before this and I had no problems receiving MMS or iMessage group texts. Now I'm lucky to get the former and don't even get the latter. If it weren't for the lack of internal memory on the OV, I'd go back to that in a heartbeat.

    Ah well. This is the best phone you can get with the grandfathered $25 plan so I'll have to live with it. :)
  17. Michiyoshi

    Michiyoshi Member

    It's a little ridiculous how much BS and running around you have to do to get a problem solved all of a sudden. I've never had a problem speaking with a supervisor before. Well, this time I have made it straight to the tippy top!!

    I've never had to go this high up in the management chain before. SPRINT not VM Executive Manager contacted me the other day about the claim I sent into BBB. Mind you that, since the last time I posted, the chick "ordered" me a replacement phone. When the package arrived.... (WAIT FOR IT)


    So I called them back and spoke with the Tier 3 Department Manager and another replacement phone was ordered and shipped.... (WAIT FOR IT)


    Now the Sprint Executive Manager ordered another one... (WAIT FOR IT)
    It arrived!!! lol and to my surprise it was the white one (actually looks 100x better)
    I was unable to program the phone and get it on until I called the guy back today and he helped program. This was around noon-ish, and of course less than 12 hours later....

    The phone just wants to reboot over and over and over again. It doesnt even boot up long enough to do anything. I tried a hard reset, I can plug it in and get access to the SOB because I cant change it to mass storage.

    I have about had it. I know its the phone and not the service itself, but come on, this is ridiculous. And of course company policy states they can only send you the phone thats active on the account. Anyone got an EVO I can borrow for an hour while I get these F***heads to pull their heads out their @$$es??

    Im taking this POS back to Bestbuy. I think this phone qualifies under the lemon policy!!

    Good luck to everyone with this crappy pos Its not worth your time.
  18. theresagaines

    theresagaines New Member

    What is the telephone number of the American Resolution team?
  19. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    has anyone tried to edit the apns.xml and or mms settings.xml in either or both framework.apk and mms.apk before? the issue may lie there with at least the mms issues. could be bad settings.

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