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  1. hurst75

    hurst75 New Member

    Hello All,

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum (i'm sure the thread will be moved if it is!)

    I am seriously considering getting the htc hero (g2 touch), but everything hinges on the availability of a mobile database app, such as Visual CE (which I currently use on my WM phone) or Handbase. Basically a customisable form-based data collection app which can be sync'ed with a desktop database.

    Does anyone know of such an app?

    Many thanks!

    PS one of the shortfalls of Android from a marketing perspective is that there is no definitive way to view all available applications - Android Market is limited when accessed via the web.

  2. hurst75

    hurst75 New Member

    I'll assume thats a "no" then??:(
  3. OolonColuphid

    OolonColuphid Member

  4. hurst75

    hurst75 New Member

    I have dude. I've trawled the net and this forum is my last hope. I think I'll either have to wait until somethingis developed and persevere with windows mobile which is sh*te or learn Java and make it myself!
  5. BoyGenius

    BoyGenius New Member

    hey hurs, i hear you. i'm in the same boat - salivating about the Hero but really need a database prog. Still using SLTG on my Palm Treo650!! Fortunately I suppose, the Hero hasn't been released in Aust yet, so I'll have to wait a little longer. If you can teach yourself Java, I'll buy the app of you!:)
  6. Motjida

    Motjida New Member


    Have you tried out AndroidDB?

  7. hurst75

    hurst75 New Member

    Hi Mot,

    Yep had a look at that but I don't think it offers anything like the functionality that I would require. It's good to see that people out there are trying tho. I emailed the guys at Handbase recently, which offers a perfect solution for many mobile platforms including the iphone. They're not even considering starting on the software "due to lack of demand and technical roadblocks due to development environments".

    I fear that its going to take a lot more exposure(=money) from Google before Android can compete against the heavyweights out there.

    Still loving the G2 tho! :)
  8. Tommy2Tone

    Tommy2Tone Member

    Geez, I knew I wouldnt be the only one wanting a database for my phone.
    I am looking at a company called "Alpha Five" It is a object oriented DB that saves to many formats including SQL and google android. Dont get your pants in a rise because it may be BS but it is trial for 30 days, I think and downloadable from here. Database Software, Database Programs, Database Manager, Rapid Web Application Development Database Solutions Online Web interface Design Desktop Applications Good Luck, I know you are wishing me the same. If I am successful it will be available to public.
  9. imabug

    imabug Member

    I could use a mobile DB app on android too. I still use ThinkDB (now SmartList To Go) on my T3 and have several databases that I use to keep track of things. Haven't seen anything similar yet for Android.
  10. Tommy2Tone

    Tommy2Tone Member

    to imabug or ?.

    I just finished reading an article expressing a piece of software that allows us to make our own apps using a point and click method similar to Hypercard for the mac. this was supposed to be for android based phones. If I find the particulars I will post them here. If you see no post then I was full of sh--. lol.
    I am anyway but I will check thru my emails and bookmark.
  11. Johnwt

    Johnwt New Member

    It is now February, I can't believe that there is not a user configurable database for the Android platform. Any updates or information on a usable DB? I would settle for a flat file DB with as few as 12-15 fields. Any new information? I can't get an Android phone until one is available. Thanks.
  12. Tommy2Tone

    Tommy2Tone Member

    John. Sorry I haven't posted any follow up information sooner. I seem to find other things that rate higher on the priority list. I still use my old phone because I haven't been able to find a database for the HTC that I would purchase if the application were available. Think DB is a database for phones but as of yet not available for android based operating systems.

    I haven't had time to research a patch to run web os programs on android os systems. Nor, if "think DB" is going to port it over for android phones. I purchased a sony PSP instead as that will handle all my entertainment needs when I fly.

    I still have on my "to do" list to find a workable solution. Maybe between the 2 of us we can figure it out. I didn't see much response to this thread but I can't believe we would be the only 2 people to want such an app.

    Good luck in your hunting. I will keep involved. Tom.
  13. Johnwt

    Johnwt New Member

    Tommy@Tone, thanks for the update but obviously disappointed by the news. How can this be with Android now bragging about 15,000 apps and no user config DB? Oh well, I would like to move up but won't until one is available. If I find anything, I will post here, please do the same.
  14. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Well-Known Member

    I'm in the same situation--I don't want to get rid of my PalmOS Centro until a Mobile DB is available elsewhere. I am currently using SmartList To Go. I am surprised this is so difficult given that Android has SQLite under the hood. I don't think WebOS or iPhone have a mobile DB either..
  15. Tommy2Tone

    Tommy2Tone Member

    You are farther along than I am. I still use my sprint flip phone with the rubber guard around it. I only agreed with my girlfriend to get a new phone if I could get one with a database so when I buy a new DVD I can check my DB and see if I already have it. Tired of having to take duplicates back. I know that inputting the data will also be tedious so I really don't know what to do.
    I will commit to posting any new info here.
  16. Tommy2Tone

    Tommy2Tone Member

    just a follow up. That database that I had talked about in my 1st post would have created SQL applications but they needed the host, or creator program to function. It was 25mb I think. I downloaded it and played with it for a week and wasn't impressed. Even if it had a small footprint I don't think I would have used it. Too complicated.
  17. evasua

    evasua Member

  18. SimonJudge

    SimonJudge New Member

    I have just completed a generic Database app for Android...
    Android Database

    Simon Judge
  19. dewalist

    dewalist Well-Known Member

    No disrespect to SimonJudge, but I would second the vote for Memento. Imports/Exports, backup to SD card, completely customizable with many field types. It would be absolutely perfect if it had backup to the cloud (Google Docs?) and a secure/encrypted option.
  20. lulugirl896

    lulugirl896 Active Member

    The latest version can sync with Google Docs :D
  21. trankster

    trankster Well-Known Member

    I downloaded Memento, plus purchased the Pro version unlock code. But, I cannot see how to import .csv nor export. There is no menu, help or manual for the program. Has anyone figured out how to import from other databases (.csv)? :confused:
  22. Rotor

    Rotor Well-Known Member

    Yep, I have. What you need to do is first create a custom library in Memento on your handset. Then add fields that are identical to the fields in the CSV file you are trying to import. Add the CSV file you want to import to the Memento folder on your phone.

    Once you've done that open your newly made custom library click 'menu' then 'more' then 'Import and Export' and finally 'Import from CSV'.

    Everything should start importing and you should end up with the library populated with all the data you wanted.

    Worked for me on my HTC Desire. Highly recommended database app, fully searchable too.
  23. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    Hi. I just got a reply from DDH Software saying they are working on HanDBase for Android OS. But until it releases, I need 'something' so I'll have a look at Memento.
  24. WindsorKnight

    WindsorKnight New Member

    Has anybody used MobiForms to create a database app for Android?
    MobiForms Mobile Application Development Tools, Mobile Forms, Database Synchronisation, Mobile Replication

    I want to create a data collection app that lets me download the collected data to a PC or server based database for comparison and analysis. Real time posts back to the main database would be nice, not not required. I have not yet purchased a phone so open to any good solution.

    Filemaker and HanDBase DDH Software - HanDBase Sync Exchange for MS Access seem like possible options.

    I watched some of the videos on Android app developement and do not want to learn Java to create a database....would like to know java, but to not want to spend the time to learn it.

    I know SQL, so using SQLite is not a problem if I can find a good tool for creating the data collection forms.
  25. iamtheapeohyes

    iamtheapeohyes New Member

    memento indeed- just imported a 12 year old psion 5 database (via csv file) and it works very well. "index card" view like the psion had would be nice, but it's the nicest one to use I've had for a decade (which involved handdb etc on palms, Se p800, nokias by the dozen)

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