Motorola V8,V9 Car Charger Compatible with Inc?Accessories

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    Well, while I (and probably everyone reading this) do have several mini USB cables, I'm just as happy spending the buck or two and getting actual micro usb cables. But, I might end up buying the adapter just so I have it in a pinch.

    In the meantime, I think the charger->usb (and associated wall->usb) converters make the most sense. I mean, that's what the incredible comes with in the box, so it can't be all bad, right?

    I'll just grab a few of the converters (which could be useful for other devices, too) and several of the micro cables and should be in good shape. Thanks, all.
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    i have the nico motorola one the has the clear plastic ring that lights up blue that i used for my blackberry but i dont know if that will be ok for the incredible
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    the adapters from monoprice didn't work for my incredible
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    If the plug is the same and the specs say it outputs 4.9-5.1v at 500mA to 1A, then you should be good.
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