Movies and music on the Droid

  1. Helder Balelo

    Helder Balelo New Member


    I just bought a Droid. Thank you very much.

    I was hoping to watch Netflix movies and listen to music through Grooveshark. I can't do either. Is there a way to make it possible?

    Netflix says it doesn't support the Google Operating System and Grooveshark says I don't have Flash capabilities. Do I?



  2. gentlefury

    gentlefury Well-Known Member

    Sorry, first half 2010
  3. Sweed

    Sweed Well-Known Member

    you can't do netflix
    and no, there is no flash player, but there are plenty of other apps for listening to music
    Dizzler, imusic,
    but if you're willing to pay for rhapsody (it's the best) you can get the betta version here:
    Sweed Talk: Rhapshody for android
  4. Vzard

    Vzard Member

    Doesn't the Netflix rented movie has DRM protection? But you can use 3rd party application to strip the DRM protection and convert their HD .wmv movie into Droid playable .mp4.
  5. Sweed

    Sweed Well-Known Member

    i'm not sure about this, but if he doesn't actually own the movie (he's renting) isn't that illegal
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Indeed it is, and the poster should know better than encourage it.

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