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Movies and Showtimes: Great App. For Everyone! Easy to Use!

  1. AlmostMatt

    AlmostMatt Guest

    This App. is for everyone, big or small, tall or short, cool or not ... cool, it's for you! Everyone loves movies, its a great source of entertainment and now it's easy to find your favorite movie showtimes with only a few clicks.

    You can check nearby movies, showtimes for that funny movie you've been dieing to see, and even IMDB right in the App. You might think that this is one of those apps that you won't really need, because you can just go into a Google Search and look it up, but why not download a free app. and give it a shot. It has been a great tool to quickly and easily look up movie showtimes and theaters nearby.

    You can also check out Movie trailers right in the application! All this for free! So next time you're with your friends and you haven't done anything all day, you now have a solution! Pull out your Android phone, click on Movies and Showtimes and BOOM! You now know what movie to watch and when to start heading out the door.

    I give this App an:


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