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  1. jeffo84

    jeffo84 New Member

    My fiance just got an Incredible 4g, and I put a bunch of music on an SD card and popped it in. Neither Astro or ES File Explorer can see any media files on the SD card, but the stock music player recognizes that all the music is on there and can play all of it.

    So, I know all the files are on the SD card, but none of them show up. My major concern is that I also put some MP3s on to be ringtones, and I can't find them to do the "set as..." and I put a txt.nomedia in the ringtone folder so it wouldn't show up in the music player.

    Could the nomedia file be blanketing the entire SD card even though it's in \SD\ringtone? Is this an existing problem? Is it a stock ROM issue?


  2. jeffo84

    jeffo84 New Member

    I'm sorry, please delete this. The internal SD card is mounted as \SD. The external SD card is mounted as SD\ext_sd.

    Problem solved.

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