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    Does anyone know the differences between these two chips found in the Thunderbolt and Inspire? Both appear to be 2nd gen snapdragon's clocked at 1GHz. I was under the impression that the 8655 in the thunderbolt was a faster processor. So far the only differences I can find is that the 8655 supports CDMA2000 and 1xEV-DO. Quadrant scores appear to be similar between the two devices. Is the only differences between the two chips network support? I am considering canceling my pre-order and sticking with AT&T after seeing how Verizon is handling the release of this device.

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    Anytime - and more importantly - welcome to the forums!
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    Actually they both have two different separate Qualcomm RF chips. For instance TB has MDM9600 and it's independent from the qualcomm's CPU.

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