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Music Player ProblemGeneral

  1. maged_kazlak

    maged_kazlak New Member

    i have a strange Problem with my HTC Rhyme , when i play a Song it starts normally but the problem is after few seconds it stops for no reason, when i try to resume it a message pops up saying ' Unable to play this type of Audio File' but when i try to play it again it works normally till the end , all the Music Tracks are MP3 and they work properly on My VAIO .. Is there a Solution to get rid of this Problem ??? Help Please

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>} Guide

    Have you tried clearing data from the application? If yes, and the problem still persist...then you might wanna try the Google Play Music available on the Play Store. http://ft1m.qr.ai
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  3. maged_kazlak

    maged_kazlak New Member

    Thanks but the App is Incompatible with my HTC Rhyme , but i got one

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