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    Dec 17, 2009
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    So yesterday morning after the subway went underground I exited iHeart Radio and went to launch the music app (stock) from the shortcut on my home screen. Instead of the music app opening up, Google Voice opens. I think WTF, that's weird. Try from the app drawer, same results. Hadn't rebooted in a while, so I reboot and the shortcut worked after.

    This morning, I go to launch the music app and the Yahoo Mail app opens instead. This time I delete the shortcut and re-add it, use the search widget to find music, and got the same result. I didnt feel like rebooting so I just added the music widget to one of the home screens and used that to access the music app. It's still happening now, though I haven't rebooted yet.

    This happen to anyone else?


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