My Ascend 2 is not able to get onlineSupport

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  1. queenhilene

    queenhilene New Member

    I'm having a network issue...I frustrated.:confused:
    I am going to the cricket store tomorrow...but was wondering before today
    my internet was running slow...but I also noticed that my Wi-Fi doesn't search or scan anymore...and when I check it, it times out and shows error. Also my Network Notification is checked and grayed out...but today it got me...nothing and no Facebook, no anyone?

    New to this...thanks.:)

  2. CricketTech

    CricketTech Member

    HI. you should check your account on my for you to see if you already used your data allowance, if its not. just use the 3g conncetion from cricket. go on setting-wireless and networks-turn off wi-fi--go to mobile network- uncheck and check data enable-uncheck data roaming-system select set the phone to home only :))

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