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My Evo 4g

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  1. Bohnstedt39

    Bohnstedt39 Member

    to catch up, i rooted my evo with "unrevoked", and am now running cyanogenmod 7 on it. the rom and android 2.3 ui is amazing! i do miss 4g, and if i use it or not, i still have to pay the 10 dollar upcharge per month. i am using "set cpu" to clock up my phone and i have the "lcd density changer" app changing the stock 240 to 220. this lets you take advantage of the big screen. i have the new market on my phone and i have use the otterbox commuter case.

  2. Awful

    Awful Well-Known Member

    This site does not encourage stealing apps. Not only that, but you're still paying for them when you don't have to :eek:
  3. youdoofus

    youdoofus Disabled

    why do you miss 4g? i ask that cuz 4g works on cm7....

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