my phone shows that its charging but not actually chargingSupport

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  1. supercho

    supercho Member

    when i plug the charger in, my phone (samsung vibrant) shows me that its charging because it has that little charge symbol but the battery is not going up at all. whats wrong with it?

    so the phone recognize that it's receiving charge but something is blocking/broke that comes after the charger port.

    does anyone know what this mean?


  2. Mayhem

    Mayhem Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'd start by looking at the battery. Sounds like it may be kaput.
  3. supercho

    supercho Member

    i swapped out the battery with identical phone and the same battery charges. i used different chargers as well.
  4. supercho

    supercho Member

    i found out that it will only charge if i connect it to a computer instead of the wall. then i thought that the wall charger connection was bad so i bought another (because i need two, one for each phone) usb to micro usb cable and then try charging charge.

    so for now it will only charge if i use that one particular usb to micro usb cable AND plug that to a computer. i have already tried the wall to usb adapter. it doesn't charge using the cable that charge it plugged to a computer. so what is broken here?

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