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My wallpaper won't scroll? Help?Support

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  1. AliTheAlikat

    AliTheAlikat New Member

    Ok, so this is my first android phone...I've never had a touch phone before and I've had this one a few months and I really love it. Wonderful phone, super fast, usually pretty easy to use and customize...but I have one issue about my wallpaper. Other friends of mine seem to figure it out just fine but I can't, and they can't seem to figure it out on my phone either. I can't get my wallpaper to scroll with my homescreen as I change the page of the homescreen. It stays put. I can only have an option to select the picture and crop it. Gives no other option. :( I also have GO Locker and I haven't really tried it because it seems kind of confusing, but I was seeing if I could do anything there... I saw the option to let the wallpaper move because it had a preferences option instead of settings, but EVEN THEN....it still doesn't scroll. It does with the ones it came with, sure, but nothing in any of my galleries. :confused: What's wrong here? Anybody else having this problem? I am a noob to this stuff sorry lol. ^^; Also, I'm through Straight Talk, don't know if that changes anything, but really the service has been wonderful soooo I don't know? Eep.

  2. Instinct User

    Instinct User Well-Known Member

    I just recently switched to ST/Proclaim myself from the Sprint HTC Evo. My Proclaim is the same way in regards to the wallpaper. The picture doesn't scroll left or right as I change screens like it did on my Evo. Guess it's just another minor drawback of this phone.
  3. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    The launcher that comes with the Proclaim doesn't have that feature. Download and install a launcher that does. GO Locker is a screen lock app... not a launcher.
  4. rritter

    rritter Well-Known Member

    I actually like this feature. Always the same picture of my wife only the home screens change.
  5. POnnie88

    POnnie88 Member

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