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  1. Parabolic

    Parabolic New Member

    Hey guys - 1st post...
    Ive had a 2014 ford fusion with the latest firmware since Dec. Ive also had an Galaxy S4 since June - they paired and worked great until I did the KITKAT upgrade. Now only a very few (like 10) of my phone book contacts are synced to the car. Ive tried unpairing and re pairing as well as a factory reset of the radio - no change.
    Today I bought a 2014 F150 with the same MYFORD touch in it. same thing - syncs fine but only brings in the same contacts. So I think this is a phone and not a car issue. Like I said - worked fine until the KITKAT update.
    Any ideas?

  2. Mutti

    Mutti New Member

    Did you ever get an answer to this? I have a 2014 C-Max. It all worked great with my Galaxy SIII. I got a new Galaxy Avant about Dec 1, and now I can't see any contacts at all. I've spent over an hour with 3 different Ford Sync helpers, and they told me it's an Android problem, finally. Ideas?

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