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National Data Roaming

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  1. ImperialJohn

    ImperialJohn Well-Known Member

    Should "National Data Roaming" be enabled or disabled on a Three PAYG sim? Would it be something that is free or likely to cost a lot more if enabled? I know the "Data Roaming" option probably means "everywhere" or "international" and I have that disabled.

  2. maxmaxter

    maxmaxter Well-Known Member

  3. Betadroid

    Betadroid New Member

  4. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    AFAIK you don't get charged extra for inland roaming because it's a partnership that's been set up & it's just a fall back signal, it will get charged back to your operator, not you. This obviously doesn't apply abroad. Ofcom rules apply here.

    I think 3 share 3g with T-mobile (EE) & will soon be also sharing 4g. That's why I always leave National Data Roaming on, for the fall back signal (though I may not be 100% right on this!).

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