Need Help/Advice for Bionic failing to OTA update

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  1. Sherjo311

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    I have had a Bionic since February and have been rooted nearly the whole time. I am running on OTA 5.5.893 still, and recently have been wanting to jump to the latest GB version, or possibly a ICS leak. The problem I've been having though has been in getting the OTA update that is available for my phone to install properly. Every attempt to DL and install 5.9.902 gives me the message "The download failed to properly validate. Please try again later".

    Now, some background -

    1. I have been researching other threads and forums to see if this has been an asked/solved issue before, and although I am seeing successes elsewhere, they all require the user to download FXZ files that are no longer being hosted on the DL site they are being linked to.]
    2. After rooting my phone, I used Titanium Backup and deleted the bloatware instead of freezing it. And unfortunately I have no backup of my out of box build. I have been reading that the Bionic updates won't work if VZW preloaded software is not detected. True?
    3. As of this point, I have unrooted completely and performed a FDR, so my phone literally has nothing on it right now.

    So what can I do? I can't update to a more recent build/leak because I'm not on a current enough version, and I can't update to the next build in line because... why? I'm not sure, but I would appreciate any insight or assistance anyone can provide.

    Thank you all in advance

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  4. Sherjo311

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    Ok, from what I've gathered thus far, you guys are on par with what I've been trying to accomplish. The hang-up I'm having now is with the file sharing website the FXZ files are stored on - What do I need to do if the "Download Now" link is in grey? Every attempt I make to download it, I am being asked to register or login. Is this neccessary?
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  7. OutOfPhase

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    for now it is till I can figure out why. If you do sign up you get free online storage space out of it. I do pay out of my own pocket to host these files with enough bandwidth to not get shut down again. I don't mind but for now people have to sign up for a free account.

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