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  1. MikeStang

    MikeStang New Member

    So i received a notification today that the internal memory on my phone was getting low. i haven't downloaded many apps and i've moved most of them to the SD, when it would allow it, so i became suspicious. looked in the Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and sorted them by size to reveal that MY CONTACTS STORAGE IS 128MB!!! WTF?!? Asked 2 ppl in the office and there list is ~5MB and one of them has about 350+ contacts (i'm around 300).
    I'm synced to 3 email accounts (1 being work related), but is there anything that i can do to reduce this to a more normal size? I dont even have many pictures associated with contacts...


    BTW - Adobe AIR (16.32MB) and Flash Player 10.1 (11.28MB) are also huge culprits of storage space.

  2. MikeStang

    MikeStang New Member

    Update: Backed up all my contacts and deleted the contact storage file on the phone. This file was obviously corrupted, as i lost the Android Market and a couple of other apps lost their link as well (i.e. Color Notes, Angry Birds - both of them, and 1 other app). So i needed to do a factory reset on my phone which erased everything on the phone. while i was at it i reformatted my SD card. re-downloaded all my apps and took the time to modify my layout.

    its been about 2 weeks now, and no problems. Contacts list storage is ~2MB now.

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