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  1. B3rK0m

    B3rK0m New Member

    Hi, I own a LG E610 L5 and works very hard, I hard reset hoping it would get better but so I tried to make them root but it does not work, there's a way to make it run faster, can install another version of android is older or newer?
    Please help me.
    Sorry but I do not know English and translated online I hope you understand what I said.

    Thank you!

  2. B3rK0m

    B3rK0m New Member

    nobody can help me
  3. santanuind

    santanuind New Member

    plsss help me how to unlock fastboot or boot loder there is a some secure booting plss i need CWM for my lg l5 pls help mee
  4. santanuind

    santanuind New Member

    pls anybuddy can help me ?? how to enable fastboot in lg l5. andpks give me CWM fo my lg l5 e612 really need it plssss
  5. triger

    triger Well-Known Member

    Mine has the same problem
    The best thing to do i sell it

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