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Need help Mytouch slideSupport

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  1. Robinelli

    Robinelli Well-Known Member

    I don't know what on Earth I've done to it LOL. I didn't initially use the Friend Stream. But.... I got bored today and synced it to my Facebook account. After I did that, it wouldn't let me text message anyone on my contact list!!! When I went to send texts, my facebook list came up and nothing else! And when I texted someone off of my facebook, it sent the text to the email they have listed on their facebook and NOT their mobile #.... WHAT HAPPENED????

    I probably handled this the wrong way but I turned off the accessibility to facebook. Then I tried to text... still no success. So then I tried exporting my contacts to my SD card. That didn't work either... So then I tried importing the contacts back to my phone (V card???).... Well, the contacts ended up being DOUBLED now. So I went through and deleted the duplicates.... THEN I went to text and guess what? It worked. So maybe I in some roundabout way corrected the problem. But I'm confused what went wrong to begin with and if I should be concerned there is a problem with the phone or if that function is buggy. HELP!

  2. mcblack008

    mcblack008 New Member

    can anyone help my with my mytouch! going crazy without it
  3. mcblack008

    mcblack008 New Member

    lol sorry i thought this was a im chat. i keep getting a redbox with a ! inside of it next to the picture of my phone. when i try to reboot (volume+power) it says that my touch panel failed! i would be greatful to anyone that could give me anytype of help or lead me in the right direction.

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