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  1. desgnr

    desgnr Active Member

    Should i just use the Internet icon or should i download a Browser & do u recommend any.

    Any other Apps i should not be without ?

  2. Little Darwin

    Little Darwin Well-Known Member

    The Tab 2 is not significantly different than other tabs when it comes to browsing, so you may want to browse through the Applications forum to see what people have to say about their favorite browsers...

    I use Chrome, but to be honest, I don't know why, the built in browser works well, but I like the look of the top line a little better... I don't do much that stresses the browser.

    As far as must have apps, I like the Nova launcher, but could have done very well with the default. I am mostly trying to make my LG phone and Samsung tablet similar, so I decided to use the same launcher.

    I don't have an Android device without the Kindle app, because I like to read. I usually have a couple of photo apps like Camera Zoom FX, and Paper Camera to play with the photo capabilities. A file explorer (currently ES File Explorer for me) I also tend to keep a few games handy, but which ones depends on mood. Words with Friends and Word Feud are two that have been consistently on my phones for quite a while.

    Scanning through the Applications forum would also be a good place to look for App recommendations, since the factors that influence decisions are similar to other devices.
  3. desgnr

    desgnr Active Member


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