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  1. HardToConquer

    HardToConquer New Member

    Hi, I'm from the Caribbean; Barbados specifically, I recently got myself the HTC Dream and i love it! plus the fact that it's "el numero uno"!! It's currently running on the v1.6 and I intend to update to the next level on my own so I just want to see what everyone talks about, and to possibly get some insight into the world of "open source" (hope that's the correct term!!) so there you have it.


  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hey HardToConquer. Congrats on the new phone. I'm jealous as to your location on this great earth. Here in doodah we had a heat wave and temps reached 30f. Brrrr
    I see that we do not have a specific discussion area for your HTC Dream. It is quite similar to the T-Mobile G1 however and you might gain some insight by checking out the discussions in that area. Here is a link to the G1 sub forums.
    T-Mobile G1 - Android Forums
    Best of luck to you and welcome to Android Forums. We are happy to have you as a new member.

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