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New memory card for new phone?Tips

  1. thunder9111

    thunder9111 Member

    I am getting a new Desire S soon, but it doesn't come with a memory card.
    So i will be buying a new 16g sd card.
    My question is, will it work right off the bat as I insert it into the phone?

    I know when people just want to change memory cards, they copy the existing data and move it to the new memory card.

    But my phone will be new, so I will have no data to transfer. Will the new SD card work just fine?

  2. Cannonball2

    Cannonball2 Member

    Strange that it is not supplied with a memory card. Mine was supplied with an 8Gb card already installed
  3. fromoopnorth

    fromoopnorth Member

    Hi Thunder,
    check out my other posts on this subject, they may help. :)
  4. thunder9111

    thunder9111 Member

    thanks i read it!
    but it seems you don't need to preload any files onto the sd card.
    Once I put it in, I used the phone to factory reset.

    Then I loaded it as harddisk on my computer and saw maybe like 7 folders on it. I started downloading things and adding music into the memory and it works with no problem!

    happy new 1st day owner of desire s + 16g memory card:)
  5. fromoopnorth

    fromoopnorth Member

    Thanks for the feedback thunder :)
    saves me time and answers other people's questions,
    now we know, it is built into the ROM on the phone.
    glad you got it sorted.
    hope you enjoy using your new phone as much as i am mine :D

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