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  1. fmalcolmr

    fmalcolmr Well-Known Member

    Unrooted and phone says there Idk a system update from T-Mobile . Says it will benefit secuirty, camera, tethering... has anyone gone ahead and installed? Noticed anything?

  2. rbraswell8

    rbraswell8 Member

    fixes wifi tethering, but breaks root and changes some stuff to make the current root method invalid.
  3. lightsleeper23

    lightsleeper23 Well-Known Member

    Mine has no update available
  4. fmalcolmr

    fmalcolmr Well-Known Member

  5. mjb1994

    mjb1994 Member

    I was able to keep my root after doing the OTA update to 10g, all I did was before I updated installed voodoo root keeper, backup my root with it, then updated to 10g, after the update I went back in with voodoo and chose to restore root then VOILA i am now rooted on 10g with my p769
  6. 1380anthony

    1380anthony Member

    I did the update and it unrooted my lg. I did the same method for rooting and it doesnt even reboot,sometimes only, buy i get error. I tried also oneclickroot that was reliesed a couple of days ago and it says that i was rooted successfully but when i chek root acces with rootchecker it is unrooted. Now i feel like slamming my phone and getting a new one. Please if anyone has a new way for rooting again post it.
  7. xandroiduser

    xandroiduser Member

    Well, at least you guys have obtained the update. I have been trying to update my phone for the past two times with no luck. It sucks because I really need to update my phone to be able to use the wifi tethering. But, unfortunately, it's just not working for me. Do have any suggestions on how to make this work? Like, are there any zip downloads that I could download, because this over the air download just is not working for me. When I click update and install, my phone restarts and I am presented with an upside down Android with an exclamation point in the middle. After rebooting I realize that I'm still stuck at version 10e. There has got to be something going on -- something that I'm doing wrong. It's frustrating me to the point to where I want to just simply return the phone, but at the same time I don't want to because I really, really enjoy the phone. Please let me know if you have any solution to this problem.

    Thanks in advance.
  8. 1380anthony

    1380anthony Member

    A least for tmobile it updated. U need to do it from cell phone but i still tethered without update using foxfi
  9. xandroiduser

    xandroiduser Member

    Well, the thing with that is I'm running T-mobile's $70 unlimited 4G and WiFi tethering isn't available, so when I try to use foxfi I am presented with a message from T-Mobile saying I need to upgrade my account to use the feature. I can bypass all of that with the update, though; it just won't update for me, and I don't know why (sad face).

    CARLOSWII5 Well-Known Member

    When u use foxfi/pda net enable the proxy and then follow the instructions and it should work

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