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Newbie wants to keep screen on while chargingSupport

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  1. r0b0t

    r0b0t Member

    Hi gang,

    I'm new to the forum and new to Android as well. One of my previous gadgets always stayed on while charging (or even plugged into my computer), but the Infuse doesn't allow this. I use it more as a PDA than a phone and would love it if it stayed on while I worked.

    Is this something that will be possible with the Gingerbread upgrade I've been reading about? Or does this require some rooting (which, as a newbie, strikes me as daunting)?

    Any advice, ideas or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance!


  2. Snedd

    Snedd Well-Known Member

    On stock android ticking Settings / Applications / Development / Stay Awake (screen will never sleep while charging) should do the trick.
  3. r0b0t

    r0b0t Member

    Thanks, Snedd, but that's not an option under Development on the Infuse. The only options I see are USB debugging and Allow mock locations.

    And the screen power off only goes up to 10 minutes.

    : (
  4. andyinmichigan

    andyinmichigan Well-Known Member

    but why do you want it to stay on? you just don't want to have to hit the button and open it up?
  5. Snedd

    Snedd Well-Known Member

    Maybe its an android version thing. This looks like it should do what you want: Caffeine

    "Caffeine is a tiny application which prevents your phone from going to sleep.
    Caffeine is a tiny easy to use application which prevents your phone from going to sleep, lock or dim the screen.
    You can toggle it manually or let it automatically activate only when the device is connected to AC Adapter and/or PC."
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  6. r0b0t

    r0b0t Member

    Yes, I'm tired of turning it on 50 times a day! I run a small business and I need a lot of the data I gather in the field throughout the day.
  7. r0b0t

    r0b0t Member

    This might be exactly what I need--thanks!
  8. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    If Caffeine doesn't work out for you, Widgetsoid will do what you need (+ a whole lot more).
  9. maylontrd

    maylontrd Member

    My mom has an HTC phone that the screen stays on while it charges. I always thought it was weird but it does run gingerbread.
  10. r0b0t

    r0b0t Member

    The Caffeine seems to do the trick, but I'll check out Widgetsoid, too.

    Thanks for all the help, gang!

  11. r0b0t

    r0b0t Member

    PS Is there a simple way (or a helpful place) that one can use to find what apps are out there?

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