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  1. rayven0001

    rayven0001 Member

    I had rooted my phone a while back. I just recently had some problems and wanted to start over. So, I restored my phone. However, I forgot that I had replaced the browser and keyboard and deleted the old ones before I restored. Now, I don't know how to sign in to google play again & install a new keyboard or anything. :confused: Could you please tell me if I have any options? Or, am I S.O.L? :(

  2. JacobK254

    JacobK254 Well-Known Member

    You could probably flash a keyboard zip through recovery.
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  3. rayven0001

    rayven0001 Member

    Thanks.. I ended up finding a way to use the sdk to solve the problem. Now, I 'm wondering if anyone could tell me where to find the boot animations? I' ve tried adding new ones without much success. I always end with my new animation and the VM animation on start up. I also really hate the boot sound if anyone could help me get rid of that. Whenever I change it, the old one comes back when I reboot.

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