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  1. tmarvelous

    tmarvelous New Member

    The Droid X is my first Android phone and while I am pretty tech savvy I cannot find a setting anywhere that will allow me to set my txt messages to vibrate when they arrive.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix that?

  2. 1stAndroid

    1stAndroid Well-Known Member

    1. Open up your text messages screen (the one where it shows the list of txt conversations by contact name.

    2. click the menu button to bring up options

    3. Select message settings

    4. scroll down and you will find the vibrate for text messages option.

    hope this help. :)

    I'm not sure if this is just a launcher pro thing, or is the same with the moto UI, but I also found it really strange that through general settings/preferences you can change the ring notification, but not the messaging notifications. seems silly to hide all these notifications settings inside completely different access paths. DOH
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  3. tmarvelous

    tmarvelous New Member

    Thanks, that fixed it! I'm used to vibrate being a global device setting but I'll start thinking of txt messaging as a standalone app with it's own notification rules.
  4. 1stAndroid

    1stAndroid Well-Known Member

    ME TOO!!!

    sometimes these smartphones seem too "smart" for their own good :D
  5. Growler48

    Growler48 Well-Known Member

    Anyone figured out how to make the phone vibrate when you receive a voicemail or email?
  6. awriternot

    awriternot Well-Known Member

    LOL I've been looking all over the phone ringtone settings area for this....THANK YOU! :) I was scared to go back to work! LOL

  7. pittdog38

    pittdog38 New Member

    Dude you are awesome. I was conviced it couldn't be done. Thanks!

    For the email vibration on your Droid X:
    1. Push the Menu button (bottom left), and tap settings.
    2. Scroll to Data Manager and select it.
    3. Select Data Delivery.
    4. Select Email and Corporate Sync.
    5. Select Notifications.
    6. Select Vibrate.

    Or if you have a Messaging Widget (Little mail box with red flag).
    1. Tap Messaging Widget.
    2. Tap the email account you want to make vibrate.
    3. Push the menu button (bottom left), and tap settings.
    4. Select Notifications.
    5. Select Vibrate.

    Not sure there is a vibrate notification for voicemail.
  8. jersomrod

    jersomrod New Member

    So the vibration for text messages is checked on settings. But ot still won't vibrate went onto the phone sound settings and nothing....

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