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  1. alokhandoo

    alokhandoo New Member

    i dont know why it gets hanged. the touch screen doesnt work sometimes..even the time remains the same when it gets hanged

  2. Laudano

    Laudano Member


    Probably you have some or many bloated apps running on the background. Try the Advanced Task Killer app to become familiar with the apps who are draining your cpu cycles. :)

    My (heavily hacked, now) P350 is faster than many similar handsets on the 600Mhz processor range. It's a pretty decent handset if you manage to turnoff most of the stock stuff which drains it's computing power. LG's stock software is pretty lame, and many mainstream apps don't go well with this guy. Check the "LGP350 flash player problem" topic in this forum, I wrote some of my findings about the Me there.

    Cheers and welcome.

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