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Optimus Slider won't power down first timeSupport

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  1. I have the LG Optimus Slider (Virgin Mobile). I always power off each night to charge my phone battery, however, it doesn't power off the first time but reboots itself, so I have to go through the power off process a second time. This happens every time. I make sure to do the process only touching the parts of the phone that I need to touch - I let it sit on the counter and only touch screen prompts.

    Any idea why this is happening or what I can do? It's just kind of pain to have to do it twice. :(


  2. madaone

    madaone Active Member

    The same thing is happening to me! I thought I powered down and the next thing I heard was the Virgin Mobile start up sound. I have now noticed that every time I shut down it reboots and only then can I power down. WEIRD.
  3. I'm glad it's not just me and that I was doing something wrong. I contacted Virgin Mobile support, they first instructed me how to turn off my phone, which I know how to do. They've sent me a replacement phone, just received yesterday (12/5) so I haven't swapped yet.
  4. LazrJay

    LazrJay Member

    So that's it - we have to get the phone replaced? :(

    Since it's a problem that only started after a few weeks, what are the chances of the replacement flaking out too?
  5. So far, I'm not impressed with this phone, my first smartphone. I have my replacement phone, which I could not do the swap online, had to call customer service to do the process. It's been powering off like it should, so far. This is already aggravating because I switched from T-Mobile, I had a BlackBerry Pearl Flip (8220), which was a horrible phone, I had 6 of the same phone within the 2 year contract period, they would not give me an entirely different phone, just got replacements every time something was wrong.

    Yesterday, I grabbed my LG Optimus phone and the whole backside was hot, I popped the cover and it was the battery, not burning hot, but extremely warm, which concerns me. I've had a couple of times where I've hardly used the phone and the battery just all of the sudden ran out of juice.
  6. BeTrue

    BeTrue Active Member

    Mine never turns off, it restarts every time.
    But I much prefer that to the intercept that would never boot. :)
  7. Once again, I think this phone or the battery is not that great. Both today and yesterday my battery has lost it's juice and powered off, and I've hardly done anything, sent a few texts and that's it, didn't even boot up the web. And then it takes SO long to replenish the battery, I charge my phone every night. At least the powering down function has been working with the replacement phone. Not a happy camper.
  8. bigbubba

    bigbubba Well-Known Member

    Until I did a factory reset and did not re install all the same aapps, sounds like an app conflict.
  9. klatil

    klatil New Member

    My Optimus slider from Virgin Mobile automatically restarts after power down. Called support and was told that they will ship a new phone. This problem started after several weeks of using the phone.
  10. JeffBF

    JeffBF New Member

    My LG Optimus Slider started restarting every second time I powered it off after I had it a few weeks. Virgin Mobile sent me a new phone. The new LG Optimus Slider worked fine for about two weeks, then it started restarting every second power-off. It may be an app interaction, but I don't believe that I downloaded a new app between it working normally and the auto-restart problem.

    I now restart it when I turn it on (by powering it off right away), so it will turn off normally when I want it off.
  11. DavidLuvLB

    DavidLuvLB Member

    All smartphone has problems.. The reason why smart phone drains battery quickly is because our mobile network is always on. To turn it off when not using use an app call juice defender which I'm sure everybody knows.. If your phone really give you problems then I suggest you do a hard reset/recovery mode... Here's how: Power off phone.. Once your phone is power off hold together the volume button, home button and power button.. Navigate with the volume button wipe cache then wipe data/factory reset.. This will delete your application, and it will go back to its original mode. If you want all your application, I suggest backing them up with ASTRO or consider rooting using titanium backup..
  12. JeffBF

    JeffBF New Member

    My LG Optimus Slider now will not power-down at all. I turn it off. It says "Bye". And then it powers on again. The only way to power it off is to remove the battery.
  13. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Looks like you will have to do what klatil did.
  14. neato

    neato New Member

    This is an update to my previous post. I have done several things in the hopes to fix this problem but no luck so far. I did an unroot, clear memory, and factory reset, I immediately attempted to power it down but it rebooted again and again, so atm all I can do is keep the phone plug at night to keep battery charged for the next day or remove the battery for the night which will put additional wear and tear on the back cover and phone battery contacts besides being a pain in the neck. I bough this phone on eBay so there is no return or exchange possible. I'm looking at buying another phone and it won't be the slider again, since it seems is a hardware/rom problem. I like VM because it saves me money I'm on the $25.00 plan since forever it seems, I had LG phones in the past and didn't have any problems with them, does anyone know a fix for this? please help.

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