Original Baseband .733 anyone

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  1. niksss

    niksss Well-Known Member

    Guyz anyone who has original Baseband of a85 i.e. 733 plz upload it. I need it urgently coz I need to avail warranty. I installed the stock rom but the Baseband didn't change. Right now I'm stuck with Baseband 902. So plz plz upload original Baseband.

    One more thing,with Baseband changed will I'll be able to get warranty?? I mean with Baseband 902 installed??

  2. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    dude those micromax service centre guys dont have brains... they have jst byhearted the process of nvmultidown.... don worryy... directly go to service centre.... with baseband 908 i have been there twice...;-)
  3. niksss

    niksss Well-Known Member

    Hmmm....thanx dude for rplying....but if u by any chance come across .733 plz upload it.
    One more thing, which service center did u go to?
  4. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    I went at accel frontline 1nce when ma cell used to hang up on boot screen.. act it happened while updating the rom... since the celll was just 20 days old i went to Ser Cen.. now if softwares ssues comes i jhandle it my self... also 1nce i went to reliable infotech... both in pune (maharashtra)...

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