OTG cable with kindle fire?

  1. pizzalover101

    pizzalover101 Member

    I recently got a Razr Maxx HD and was looking to get an OTG cable for keyboard, ps3 controller, thumb drives ect, but I was also curious to whether or not it also works with a kindle fire. Anyone have any knowledge of whether it works or not? Also, please specify if rooted, I'm not looking to root it as I still have a year of my warranty left.

  2. Thom

    Thom Premium Guide Member Guide

    I moved your question to where I thought most users of your phone would be found.

    ... Thom
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  3. seVer

    seVer Well-Known Member

    what are you hoping works with kindle fire? I'm confused why a kindle question was moved to rmhd forum.
  4. pizzalover101

    pizzalover101 Member

    i probably should have seen that....
    anyway, hoping to use a keyboard or external memory
  5. Thom

    Thom Premium Guide Member Guide

    Sorry for the mistake. I thought you were looking for an attachment to your Motorola Razr Maxx HD.

    I moved it back.

    ... Thom
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