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  1. DrewForce

    DrewForce Member the message I am getting everytime I try to update Google+ or download Facebook for the first time. There are some apps that download fine and others that just will not! I have only just taken this phone out of the box and I even still did a factory reset. Cleared the caches and memory for the Apps in the Manager and just nothing. Is it on the Play Store side? Either way it is extremely annoying.


  2. itsmeteens

    itsmeteens New Member

    I tried all the clearing data, caches and memory fixes but no joy..What worked for me was to go into Access Point Names - edit access point - find "Proxy" setting and then take note of the proxy number (just in case you need it later) - go ahead and delete the proxy number - save settings.
    That's what I did and it finally worked on all downloads from Play store :D
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  3. womb raider

    womb raider Well-Known Member

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