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  1. cruentus

    cruentus New Member

    My Wildfire S is rooted using the method found here:


    For a little while now my phone has been showing 'System Update available'.

    My current version is as follows:

    Android version
    HTC sense
    Software Number

    Most important to me is that I'd like to read about what I'm getting in an update before I choose to apply it.

    Where can I find details on current Wildfire S updates?

    Once I know what this update actualy is, can I appy it without loosing root?

  2. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what the update is for but I don't think it's for anything that you would actually be able to notice. It's probably just some sort radio update or something.
    And I do believe you will lose your root if you apply the update.
  3. cruentus

    cruentus New Member

    Thanks for the reply Caro. I suspected as much, though I'd still like to have details of available updates.
    Is there really no where on the internet that documents device updates?

    Seems like the device page at xda would be a good place to collect such information.

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