PDF reader for tablet with two-pages-in-landscape-view?

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  1. SoWhy

    SoWhy Active Member

    Hi there,

    I searched and tried a number of PDF viewers (Adobe, Aldiko, BeamReader, Bluefire, ezPDF, Asus' MyLibrary and Polaris Office) on my Asus Transformer tablet but I have not found a single one that allows to read a PDF two pages side by side in landscape mode (like a book). This is really annoying, so I wanted to ask if anyone knows of any application that is up to this task.


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  2. newday82

    newday82 New Member

  3. SoWhy

    SoWhy Active Member

    Thanks for the reply and the tip. Unfortunately, eBookDroid does not seem to have an option like that as well :-/
  4. newday82

    newday82 New Member

    It works for me, I can see 2 pages combined in landscape view without a problem.
  5. SoWhy

    SoWhy Active Member

    Are you viewing a PDF with combined pages or one with a lot of single A4 portrait view pages?
  6. newday82

    newday82 New Member

    Both actually, in landscape view is possible to see two pages at once.
  7. jvlang16

    jvlang16 New Member

    I get three pages on the XOOM screen now I need it to open anotetations.
  8. holdenhk

    holdenhk New Member

    To get what you want (i.e. multiple page view, usually two or three depending on the page format) in EbookDroid you need to tap on:
    > More
    >> Book Settings
    >>> Page View Mode
    >>>>[TICK] Horizontal scroll
    Now you are in continuous horizontal scroll mode (which it really is, as it is not the same as two-page mode). This is as far as it gets, and if you want to see only the two adjacent pages as in a real book then... well, it's not possible. You will see a flow of pages from left to right. You can you zoom to make adjustments, but if you think of two-full-size-page view, you will usually see a little of the previous and the following pages. For me, it's more than satisfactory, so give it a try before dismissing it.
  9. mrbryce

    mrbryce New Member

    thank you very much. i as well had trouble finding the right option.
  10. optionzz

    optionzz New Member

    I'm building a display (22" monitor on a piano driven by a Galaxy tablet) for my 91 year old mom. We had found all of what you describe, but need to have two pages display, and roll across; e.g. page 1 and 2, then 2 and 3, then 3 and 4. the partial pages of the scrolling solution don't work because hands are busy and it must work from a single tap (or foot petal). Does anyone know if there is an Android solution that lets a tablet display two pages, and when moving forward displays either as I described, or the next two pages? BTW, in single page mode this works flawlessly. THANKS! Pete A
  11. kristalsoldier

    kristalsoldier Well-Known Member

    Both ezPDF and Mantano readers have thus capability. I am saying this based on my use of their paid versions.
  12. SoWhy

    SoWhy Active Member

    Yes, ezPDF which I use now as well has the functionality built-in which was added recently
  13. WallyB

    WallyB New Member

    I have the same need for my wife. I got a 22" ViewSonic VSD220 All-In-One computer running Android ICS for $350 w/$50 rebate [till 7.31.2013] so it cost $300+tax, not bad for a fun computer with touch screen and a HD monitor w/HDMI in. Anyway I connected a USB [FooTime] page turner, operates with the foot...left back a page, right forward a page, it has large lighted buttons and works well with ezPDF. On sheet music that is small you can use ezPDF in vertical [one page] and use the foot buttons to go up a screen. Very large sheet music. I scan mine in PDF using a Epson Artisan 837 so the pages are all together in one file.
    The ezPDF and this site were the key.
  14. TomCloud37

    TomCloud37 New Member

    If you guys are still looking, try "ebookdroid" it has this feature out of the box and does it well. I absolutely hate the interface design though.

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