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  1. lailahbowie

    lailahbowie New Member

    Hi guys, just got my pendo pad today...
    I am having troubles using the internet...
    I have gone to settings, connected mobile networks, and my internet comes up working with 1 bar....
    But what now? I have gone to the browser & tried to connect to google, facebook & everything, it just wont let me... Am i missing something?


    Also its with virgin (my usb) is it compatible....

  2. falconel

    falconel New Member

    Hi. Yes I am having trouble,too. Am also with Virgin. I contacted them and they did not seem to think there should be a problem. Another source says that all networks are compatable - except Virgin. Big prob.
  3. ag011090ag

    ag011090ag Active Member

    its the apn settings in mobile network settings, press center circle button and click add apn, type name: Virgin
    apn: virgininternet
    save then reset device. you can now get on the net yahh!!!

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